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Y'esha Bunch

Actress & Model

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Y’esha Bunch is a 22 year old Houston based Actress, Model, and scholar. In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Y’esha was a Life Science Major, studying to be a Midwife. With classes being online and everyone made to stay at home, it was hard to adjust and her grades began to fall. She passed and she took a break from school. To look at herself, her wants, and desires out of life.


During that evaluation, she found that nursing was something she felt pressured to do, and wouldn't entirely make her happy. She found that her happiest moments were under bright lights. Y’esha discovered her true passion; Acting! She now knew she wanted to be an actress, primarily a Voice-over actress.

In 2023, Y’esha received her Associates Degree in Fine Arts from San Jacinto College, and will be pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Texas Southern University’s Tavis Smiley School Of Communication where she will study Radio, Television, and Film Program.



Y'esha Bunch

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